Nerdonic has a new website!
Introducing the exen mini from Nerdonic, the worlds smallest 32 bit arduino compatible micro controller.an extremely powerful and small micro controller running at 48MHZ clock with 256ROM, 32 kb ram and and 48 pins filled with functionality. controls LED's, sensors, buttons, displays and much more to bring me your projects to life.

This Blog

The official blog for Nerdonic that will include new announcements, products, projects, free downloads, news, tutorials, special offers and anything else we think could benefit its readers.

Home Page

The new improved homepage now shows some of our latest work as a simple slideshow, featured products and the latest posts from our blog.


A list of the serices we offer split into its separate catagories, underneith is also some of our previous work (that has been agreed to be shown by the client) in an easy to see portfolio. Many more items are still to be added to this portfolio. If there is something you need but cant find it on our website contact us and we will see if we can help you.


This is where we showcase all of our products, products are a new part of Nerdonic and there aren't many to list yet, but there are many cool and useful modules and devices in the works to be launched to the public for personal and business use! Need something custom or a current product slightly modified? Contact us and we will see what we can do for you.


Like what you see and have a project that interests you? Contact us and lets make it a reality.

Future Changes & Features

Search - Use the search bar to find the content and products you want, for example products, services, blog posts and more.
Shopping Cart and Payments - Order and pay for your orders online securely and conveniently.
Customer Area - View orders, save your shopping cart, product registration, support, account discounts and more.
Newsletter - Get the latest news, announcements, product updates, discounts, beta testing and more before anyone else. Completed
Blog Comments - Comment on your favorite blog posts and share your ideas.
Sharing - Share products, services and blog posts to your friends and family. Completed
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