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We’re looking to hire a long term social media/blog writer to join our team after we have finished expanding into our second office (overlooking the water with a view and balcony too!).
Applicant must be a natural storyteller and good at writing, no previous experience in tech needed but would be an advantage.

You will be working in a laid back but fast paced leading tech company with access to cutting edge and unreleased tech (If my NDA with the companies allow) as well as high powered laser cutters, 3d printers, cnc's and many other machines and equipment (feel free to create things in your own time!) as-well as working with a number of the world’s largest companies such as Nestle, NHS, Ansell, Barclay's, Boots, Councils around the UK and many more on medical, security and safety based projects so an NDA is expected to be signed.

Duties to include but not limited to:
• Photographing products (no photography skills needed, the specific photo style can be learnt easily)
• Handling and writing posts for social media (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter)
• Writing blog posts, product pages/descriptions for our website (as you can see, the new website is still currently unfinished)
• Product guides/instructions for our upcoming products
• Admin / PA based jobs could be introduced once time is increased too

Preferred Skills (but not essential):
• Graphics e.g. Illustrator/Fireworks/Photoshop
• Programming
• Arduino
• Electronics
• 3D Modeling
• 3D Printing
• Photography

The chosen candidate would initially work from the office until after probation period and can later be adapted to work from home (but would still need to visit once or twice a week for details on the work-flow).
When working from home the work can be done in your own time as long as work is done by the deadlines set.
The Job would start with a minimum of 1-2 days a week and quickly ramp up to 5 days per week as you get used to work-flow and the available work increases.
Your own laptop/computer/tablet would be essential during a 1-2 month probation period after which you will be provided a high spec laptop to use and take home with you.
Minimum wage will be paid during the probation period but can be increased any time depending on your talent and the work produced.

If you feel like this position would be great for you and you would like to give it a try, fill in the form and apply below:
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